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Ascend the Stairs with Ease

The stair lifts we provide are an exceptional solution when managing the stairs has become a problem. An assortment of leading-brand products are available, including stair lifts manufactured by Stannah™, Brooks™, and Minivator™.

Quality Mobility Scooters

A number of comfortable mobility scooters are available to choose from. This includes class 1, 2, and 3 scooters – covering the full range of mobility vehicles. With such an extensive selection, we are sure to accommodate everybody's needs.

Powerchairs and Wheelchairs

Whether you’re looking for an electric wheelchair, or are interested in an unpowered model, Normanton Mobility Centre Ltd is on hand to help. A number of products from a variety of manufacturers are on display, so don’t hesitate to visit our shop to discover the right chair for you.

Risers and Recliners

An expansive assortment of riser and recliner chairs is also available. These comfortable chairs are made to measure and will suit each individual perfectly.

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hair and beauty theme

Adjustable Beds

As with the risers and recliners we provide, our adjustable beds are made to measure. A number of these beds are supplied by Drive Medical™. Alternatively, other suppliers are also available.

Bath Lifts

When you are interested in purchasing a bath lift, we will visit your property in order to assess the bathroom. Then, we will help you to select the bath lift that is best-suited to your needs. The lifts we supply are manufactured by Bellavita™.

Servicing Your Vehicle

In addition to an all-encompassing selection of mobility and living aids, our company is proud to offer mobility scooter and wheelchair rental services. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information about this accessible service. The terms of our rental services are flexible, meaning we’re sure to accommodate your needs on a timescale that suits you.

Putting You First

When you are unable to visit our shop, our team would be happy to visit your home instead. A delivery service is also available to make receiving your mobility aids completely hassle-free. Payment plans are offered to ensure that covering the cost of your mobility aids is approachable and convenient.